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'Sensitive Commodities' Shipping instruction

‘Sensitive Commodities’

The following commodities may have different transport limits which refer to the local Customs Please pay attention to select the shipping method., when you submit the shipping order.

The imitation brand / pharmaceuticals / health care products / CD / battery / electronic digital products: cannot be transported by  DHL  or the Pintaobao special line.

Item contains Food / liquid / powder / perfume / gas cannot transported by EMS, DHL , Pintaobao special line.

Released by the Australian Customs, items will be strict examed or prohibited list are as follows:
Pine nuts, raw nuts (peanuts, walnuts) / fresh fruits and vegetables / sausage and a variety of meat / garlands, dried flowers coniferous plants / bark, wood, straw products (straw hat) / sand, soil, seed products.

According to customs’ laws and regulations, some items cannot be shipped by DHL and Pintaobao Special Line. These items are marked as ‘Sensitive Commodities’. Our system will split your waybill automatically if there were ‘sensitive commodities’ when you submit it.


As the above image shows,

You have submitted item ‘2364095’、2364094 and ‘2364101’. However, due to item 2364094’&2364101 is ‘sensitive commodity’, you cannot choose DHL and Pintaobao Special Line. Therefore, you could choose  EMS. Alternatively, You can put the parcel into 2 shipments, submit item 2364095 choosing DHL or Pintaobao Special Line, and item 2364094 & ‘2364101 by EMS.

Additional information:

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