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Purchasing FAQ

Out of stock: A certain item is not available if the order status appears as “None in stock”. You may just delete the order and the payment will return to your Pintaobao  account.

If you need to buy some other similar products, please re-place the order. We will process it as soon as possible.

The rule of ‘first come, first serve’:

If there are numerous customers place the orders for the same product (from the exact same seller) which lead insufficient supplement, we will follow the rule of ‘first come, first serve’.

List of suspected suppliers:

There will be a warning if you submit your order via ‘quick order’ from a suspected seller who appears on our list. We suggest you not to accomplish the submission once the warning come up.

How we define the ‘suspected seller’?

●Behaviors like misappropriation (pictures) and dumping.   

●The vendor sells product bad in quality/has bad attitude/refuses to fulfill after-sales service  

●Other suspected sellers listed by the third-party, e.g. Taobao etc.

Warning: Please be aware of the potential risks when you do shopping online.

Last but not least, for your own sake, we hope our customer will not discuss with the seller privately.



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