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'Large Commodities' Shipping instruction

'Large Commodities'

In addition, for larger volume goods, please note the following rules

●For DHL, and Pintaobao special Line:

long shaped goods may not be delivered; in that case the shipping fees  relate to volumetric weight, ie: when the actual weight of the parcel> 'volumetric weight', shipping fees will be calculated according to the actual weight of the parcel.Contrary, the shipping expenditure will be calculated in accordance with 'volumetric weight'.

In general, the 'volumetric weight'(kg) = length cm × width cm × hight cm/5000.

Note: if the package contains particularly large, especially irregular large goods ( such as the long handle umbrella, 1 meters tall plush toys ), the system will provide you with suitable transport method.

●EMS: if the commodities height > 1.4 meters, it is unable to be transported.

China post air mail : if the item’s  length+width+hight > 90cm   or the longest side is longer than 60cm, the item can’t be delivered in that case..

 We recommend you use EMS or AIR packets to deliver the stuffs which are restricted by DHL.

About ‘Large Commodities’

DHL and Pintaobao Special Line pricing methods are related to ‘volumetric weight’. For instance, if actual weight > ‘volumetric weight’, the system will take its actual weight. Conversely, the ‘volumetric weight’ will be taken.


Large commodities are normally priced as ‘Volumetric Weight’, and marked as ‘Light Weight Item’.

Extra-large and irregular-shape large items are defined as ‘Large Commodities’, such as long handle umbrella, 1-meter-tall plush toy.

If the item you submitted belongs to ‘Large Commodities’, the system would split the waybill automatically, because it cannot be shipped by China Post Air due to large size, meanwhile, DHL and Pintaobao Special Line would be quite expensive.

If you have questions about shipping methods, please contact us via email (

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