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Company Profile

“Shanghai Pintaobao Ecommerce Limited” company’s “Pintaobao 
(”, one of the leading largest and fastest-growing, radical new enterprises in purchasing from China industry.

Established in March 2005, developed from purchasing domestic goods from China forum for oversea Chinese students, supported by extensive hi-tech information platform and world-wide logistics network, with the objective of offering more and more convenient services for users, We’re putting in place strong foundations to make our website a safer, more trusted and more valuable place providing superior oversea consumers purchasing services from China.

Pintaobao CEO Huang Sheng is the advocate of our “home” company culture. With the idea of “happy life & innovative work”, to aiming the goal of “shopping China, global service”, he led a distinctive team created a great and safe online shopping environment. Our activities focus on offering world-class one-stop online marketplace for our customers seamlessly. And eventually we made the dream that living without borders come true. “Everything is possible for us that even you cannot imagine of.”

Benefits of choosing Pintaobao:
1、Unlimited choices of online items
2、No need to keep a China mainland bank card or exchange foreign currency. Buy Chinese goods via foreign currency.
3、The lowest products prices. Various cost-saving and fast payment approaches.
4、Faster and safer shipping solutions
5、Pleasant and convenient shopping experiences in the entire purchasing processes.



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