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Imitation goods and contraband, illegal goods prohibitions

In order to protect consumers and avoid unpleasant purchasing experience, at the same time guarantee the intellectual property rights of their owners, maintaining the safety of online shopping, Pintaobao won't purchase any imitation, fake and contraband goods for you.

Due to the international famous brand prone to emerge imitation, fake, Pintaobao won't provide any purchasing services for the international famous brand beside the goods belong to the following website:
当当网, 梦芭莎, 凡客诚品, Gap, 美特斯邦威,京东, 一号店

International famous brands:
Gucci    Chanel   Louis Vuitton   Prada  Dior  Cartier  Tiffany  Rolex   Zara  HM  ....
We will not list all of them due to various brands and numerous quantities,so please refer to the tips when you submit the purchasing order.

Contrabands including:

gambling supplies and tobacco (all kind of cigars, cigarettes except electronic cigarettes), prescription drugs, drugs, firearms, weapons knife (except household knife), adult DVD, etc.

Related Information:
Limitation of inbound and outbound items



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